Erasmus+ Volunteering

Private Institution of Supplementary Education

Centre of Foreign Language Studies


Is inviting a volunteer for a 10-month project in 2018. 

Project Description

Volunteering at Step by Step would be interesting for everyone who wants to know what a language school from the inside is. Their contribution to the school’s work can vary from everyday help with printing out handouts to taking part in the development of Step by Step educational programmes.

Step by Step is now a registered trade mark, and in the academic year 2017-2018 we are planning to work on a series of course books for young learners and school children. The help of foreign volunteers in writing texts for culture studies section would be highly appreciated. By participating in the project  they will be able to reflect on their everyday experience at home and become ambassadors of their native cultures.

Participating in the events like culture clubs, drama workshops and others will definitely require such social skills as public speaking, active listening, directed dialogue and others. All the required skills will be practiced actively throughout the volunteering experience and, as a result, will be successfully developed and mastered.

If any difficulties occur, our team are always ready to support volunteers in their creative endeavors. Working in a team, on the other hand, will not only be the way to support the volunteers,  but also a useful skill for them to develop. 

Our project coordinator, with the assistance of mentors, will keep the track of the volunteers’ best achievements as well as areas of improvement.  This will help to maintain, coordinate and facilitate the volunteers’ learning process.  Ideally, in the end of the year each volunteer might be able to add their own project  to the list. This may be a drama play, an article on the website or an idea they come up on their own and implement it with the help of the team.